• Equipment You Might Need at Home for Cancer Patients

    With the aid of things like technology and with medical advances, many families enter roles as caregivers of their loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. There is no place like home and being surrounded by those who love you, and while the prospect of a shortened hospital stay is exciting for many patients […]

  • Increasing Mobility and Preventing Falls in the Elderly: Walkers, Rollators, and More

    It can be devastating to watch someone you care about growing older and lose their strength. Often, walking and moving around the home grows more difficult as we age. We might develop weakness in our bodies, leading to difficulties with balance and mobility. Recent research shows the elderly are increasing in population, so you may […]

  • Making your bathroom wheelchair accessible

    Many families deal with the challenges of an injury, illness or limited mobility due to age related issues. A family member may need a wheelchair to get around, both inside the home and outdoors.  For a wheelchair user, their previously adequate living spaces can unintentionally become yet another obstacle to overcome.  The bathroom can be […]

  • Ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable

    If you experience discomfort or pain in your back, neck and shoulder, it could be caused by poor seating and positioning in your wheelchair.  Your back support may be at the wrong angle or your foot rest may be at the wrong height or of the wrong size causing your foot to fall off, thus […]

  • Workplace adaptions for employees who use wheelchairs

    Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all their workers; this includes workers with special needs as well.  It is important for employees in wheelchairs to be able to move around easily through the office without worrying about the obstacles such as narrow doorways, inadequate restroom facilities, inappropriate workstation height and stairs […]

  • Tools to help transfer a wheelchair user in and out of a car safely

    The use of a vehicle for transportation is an important part of a person’s participation and engagement with the community and for living an independent life.  Reduced strength and restricted body movement can cause challenges to getting in and out of a vehicle safely.  Car transfers are complex, physically demanding and are known to provoke back […]

  • wheelchair ramp home Benefits of installing a wheelchair ramp at home

    A person relying on a wheelchair is not able to climb stairs.  They also face challenges going over a platform, entering a vehicle or public space that does not have proper wheelchair access.  This may result in the person feeling uncomfortable moving around and reduces their social interactions.  They are also at greater risk for […]

  • Mobility aids wheelchair scooter Choosing the right mobility device for your needs

    The choice of the right mobility device to move around is the key to living independently. While some people have successfully managed to live with a single mobility device, others have multiple devices for different environments.  One may use a crutch at home and a manual wheelchair while at the office.    Here is a basic […]

  • Choosing a Wheelchair Choosing a wheelchair for your child

    A child can need a wheelchair for many different reasons like Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, injuries to their head or spine, some may be amputees and some may need a wheelchair occasionally due to muscle weakness. The right pediatric wheelchair can make an incredible difference to a child’s growth by bringing in confidence,  independence and […]

  • Safety Tips while assisting a Wheelchair user

    There are many reasons why a person needs to use a wheelchair ranging from a recent orthopedic injury to having difficulty in walking for a long period of time. For some, using a wheelchair can be managed on their own, while for others assistance is required. It is important to know the right way to […]