• Support for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

    Whether as a patient or as a loved one, multiple sclerosis (MS) is a difficult condition to deal with. Its effects on the central nervous system can leave patients with numbness, weakness, partial or complete loss of vision, or an unsteady gait, making performing ordinary activities difficult. Good medical equipment, when paired with regular physiotherapy […]

  • Equipment You Might Need at Home for Cancer Patients

    With the aid of things like technology and with medical advances, many families enter roles as caregivers of their loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. There is no place like home and being surrounded by those who love you, and while the prospect of a shortened hospital stay is exciting for many patients […]

  • medical bed Buying a Hospital Bed for the home

    Whether your family member has come back home from a surgery or requires home care due to a chronic illness or disability, a Hospital bed at home provides the person with greater safety and comfort when compared to a normal bed.  Choosing a Hospital bed (also known as profiling beds, medical beds or adjustable beds) […]

  • Air Mattress Prevent Pressure Sores by using an Air Mattress

    People who use wheelchairs for much of the day or who must stay in bed for long stretches of time are at a great risk to develop painful Pressure Ulcers also called Pressure sores or Bed sores.  Pressure ulcers are caused by prolonged pressure and shear over the skin especially on bony areas of the […]