• Support for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

    Whether as a patient or as a loved one, multiple sclerosis (MS) is a difficult condition to deal with. Its effects on the central nervous system can leave patients with numbness, weakness, partial or complete loss of vision, or an unsteady gait, making performing ordinary activities difficult. Good medical equipment, when paired with regular physiotherapy […]

  • Helping the Elderly with Balance Problems

    Doctors agree that balance problems are the most common cause of serious injury among the elderly, so it is vital for you to help your elderly family member resolve their balance issues to reduce their risk of falling. Life expectancy in the Middle East is rising faster than ever before, which makes it essential that […]

  • Increasing Mobility and Preventing Falls in the Elderly: Walkers, Rollators, and More

    It can be devastating to watch someone you care about growing older and lose their strength. Often, walking and moving around the home grows more difficult as we age. We might develop weakness in our bodies, leading to difficulties with balance and mobility. Recent research shows the elderly are increasing in population, so you may […]

  • Ways to help an elderly person use the Stairs safely

    The process of aging brings about many changes to an elderly person’s ability to move around.  Changes such as muscle weakness, joint problems and neurological difficulties can all contribute to mobility issues in an older person.  Mobility issues can lead to falls, which can lead to broken bones, bruises and even death. Take the following […]

  • Use a Mobile Hoist for easier movement at Home

    People with severe mobility impairment will need to transfer from or to the bed, car, wheelchair or bath.  While some can manage this task on their own, several people will need to be manually lifted which can be very difficult for a single care giver.   In this process, the privacy and dignity of the affected […]