• Cancer: Diagnosis, Prevention, and More

    Cancer is the scariest diagnosis most of us will experience. We know early diagnosis is key to ensuring cancer is treatable. The only more important step to early diagnosis is to avoid exposure to known risk factors. Types of Cancer There are almost as many types of cancers as there are parts of the body. […]

  • Equipment You Might Need at Home for Cancer Patients

    With the aid of things like technology and with medical advances, many families enter roles as caregivers of their loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer. There is no place like home and being surrounded by those who love you, and while the prospect of a shortened hospital stay is exciting for many patients […]

  • Cancer at workplace Managing Cancer at the Workplace

    Due to early detection and advances in treatment options, cancer survival rates are slowly improving.  Employers are now increasingly faced with the effects of cancer among their workforce, which is why they need to be prepared to continue to provide their employees with a good environment to work in.  A cancer diagnosis can affect a […]

  • Cancer Medication 5 Tips for Cancer Medication Management

    Cancer treatment involves taking a lot of medications and various other supplements.  A caregiver’s most time-consuming and often worrying task is to manage those medications, which can be more than 20 pills a day. Tracking medication for Cancer can be challenging as some need to be taken in the morning and some at bedtime, once […]