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Choosing the right mobility device for your needs

The choice of the right mobility device to move around is the key to living independently. While some people have successfully managed to live with a single mobility device, others have multiple devices for different environments.  One may use a crutch at home and a manual wheelchair while at the

Choosing a Wheelchair

Choosing a wheelchair for your child

A child can need a wheelchair for many different reasons like Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, injuries to their head or spine, some may be amputees and some may need a wheelchair occasionally due to muscle weakness. The right pediatric wheelchair can make an incredible difference to a child’s growth by

Safety Tips while assisting a Wheelchair user

There are many reasons why a person needs to use a wheelchair ranging from a recent orthopedic injury to having difficulty in walking for a long period of time. For some, using a wheelchair can be managed on their own, while for others assistance is required. It is important to